Michigan Update: Part Deux

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We’re a few minutes away from the polls closing in Michigan and there are a few updates to pass along.

Bernie still leads Hillary but that gap has now shrunk to about two points as the vote from Wayne County (Detroit) starts to come in, though very little of it is actually in right now. We are also still waiting for Flint to start reporting their vote counts too. Again, these are heavy African-American vote centers. So this lead Sanders has might have an expiration date.

I’m going to put this out there at the risk of looking like a fool later. Donald Trump is going to win Michigan. Right now he is up by 11% over John Kasich  with about 15% of the vote in. He is still leading Kasich by 3% in Oakland County with almost two-thirds of the vote in and he is turning in strong performances in the counties surrounding Flint and Detroit; areas hit the hardest as a result of many of the trade deals he has railed against this entire campaign.

So it’s a great night for Trump already.

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