Bernie Sanders Wins Michigan

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In a pretty big upset, Bernie Sanders has been declared the winner of the Michigan Primary by the Associated Press.

The Clinton campaign’s concern about Michigan was obviously prophetic. Sanders was able to narrow the gap with black voters and also do very well among white working class voters and he was able to score a big victory as a result.

There is no way to spin this as anything other than good news for Sanders. This was the largely populated, diverse state that has eluded him in prior races. Clinton still walks away with more delegates on the night, but Sanders got a win he really needed to have.

And this could have ramifications in states like Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and other states in the now hollowed out rust belt where his anti-trade message will certainly resonate. I still do not see the path to 2,382 for Bernie Sanders. But tonight suggests he might drag this primary race on a lot longer than the Clinton camp would like.

On a related note, polls in Michigan had Clinton up by an average of over 20% coming into tonight. Nailed it.

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