Blowing Up The Conventional Wisdom (II)

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A new competitor for dumb media statement of the day has emerged, bumping my CD4 travesty to tomorrow.

In this piece, Rachel Weiner of the Post writes that Donna Edwards has actually reserved some ad time in the DC television market. Only after that lead, however, do we find out that it’s for the last week of the campaign and that it can be cancelled.

Edwards’s campaign has reserved time in Baltimore for the week before the April 26 primary, according to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission. That is when Democratic voters will choose between her and Rep. Chris Van Hollen. They are competing for the Democratic nomination to succeed Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D), who is retiring.

However, the campaign could always decide to change or pull the commitment before the ads are set to air.

There’s really no news there. Making it even less significant: the ad buy is for a paltry $25,600 on one station, WBAL Channel 11. Might have been nice to at least link to the document, as I have, reader friendly blogger that I am.

But even that’s not the worst thing about the article. This is:

Edwards had just under $300,000 in the bank at the end of last year, less than one-tenth of the $3.6 million reported by Van Hollen. Lacking Van Hollen’s political connections inside Maryland, she has had to seek donors outside the state.

How did that second sentence get past a living, breathing editor? It’s utterly appalling. According to Rachel Weiner, Chris Van Hollen stole all the political connections from poor Donna Edwards, yea verily, and he banished her from the state of Maryland to seek crumbs elsewhere.

What bullshit. Donna Edwards has been a Congresswoman since 2008. She has plenty of connections – the reality is that many of the people in the state from whom she might have raised money chose not to donate to her. It’s not a conspiracy and she’s not a victim. She’s made a conscious choice over the years to build her relationships with the national progressive groups and has done little to build up her networks here at home. She calculated – wrongly – that she could fundraise nationally through groups like Daily Kos (a group I know well, having been very active there between 2004 and 2008). Yes, there’s money there, but it comes in tens and twenties, not thousands.

Contra Rachel Weiner, Chris Van Hollen has done precisely nothing to shut Donna Edwards out of Maryland money. She did it herself, choosing a different path. The fact that it didn’t work out for her doesn’t make it any less a considered decision on her part. But even if it was accurate, that sentence is an abomination coming from a Washington Post reporter, who in this case has clearly taken sides in a grossly inappropriate manner.

Once again, however, I’ve got a worse one coming tomorrow. See you then.

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  1. woodywoodruff

    How about Elijah Cummings’s dance with the race, freezing a lot of potential money until way, way late in the game… as effective as a “shutting out” of Maryland money for Edwards. Surely he was aware of the effect of his behavior.


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