Sunday Primary Updates

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A couple of primary races to update on this Sunday evening.

Marco Rubio took home all 23 of Puerto Rico’s available delegates today. He won 71% of the vote; far outpacing Donald Trump who finished with 13.1%. Considering how poorly everything went yesterday, and all of the days before, this is a nice win for him. Florida has a large, and rapidly growing Puerto Rican population, so we’ll see if this is an indication of things to come on March 15. For the sake of Rubio’s campaign, he better hope so.

On the Democratic side of things, Bernie Sanders has been called the winner of the Maine Caucus. Right now, the delegate allocation is 16 delegates to Sanders and nine delegates to Clinton.

Sanders won three of the four states this weekend. Despite that, the most up to date delegate totals from the four contests have Clinton with 69 delegates and Sanders with 66. So even with these wins, Clinton comes out ahead in the delegate count.

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