Post Endorsement: Van Hollen For Senate

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The Washington Post endorsed Chris Van Hollen in an editorial posted to its website within the past hour.

If relieving the dysfunction in Congress is important — and it is — then Mr. Van Hollen, a gifted legislator, is the better candidate, and the one who could contribute meaningfully to breaking Washington’s legislative logjam.
The ideological distinctions between Mr. Van Hollen and Ms. Edwards are minuscule. Both have embraced core Democratic values. Both regard government as a force for social progress and equality. Both are pro-labor. Both worry about climate change.
But Mr. Van Hollen has consistently earned a seat at the table where consensus might be forged. Elected to the House in 2002, he ascended rapidly through the Democratic leadership ranks and became the party’s senior member of the Budget Committee. He is the author of elegant legislation to combat climate change that might, if sanity ever returns, stand a chance of passage: a carbon tax bill that would send all revenue back to taxpayers (pleasing Republicans) in a highly progressive way (pleasing Democrats).

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