Did They Call Louisiana Too Early?

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There are some interesting things coming out of Louisiana right now.

Everybody called it early for Donald Trump and based on the early part of the vote counting, it seemed justified since he was up by over 20 points.

However, Ted Cruz has closed the gap to under 5% and there are still more than 1,300 precincts outstanding. The initial count was comprised mostly of votes cast before Election Day. Obviously there was a huge break towards Ted Cruz by many of the late deciders, a group Trump routinely loses according to exit polls.

I have to assume the networks are going to rescind their call for Trump at some point. It’s not quite Florida 2000, but, wow.

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Trump’s lead is down to 5% with Jefferson County still not reporting any vote totals. For some added suspense, Ted Cruz just won Fayette County, home of the University of Kentucky, 29.1% to 25.1%.

Stay tuned.

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