Welcome To The GOP, Liz Matory!

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Her new party affiliation not yet 24 hours old, Liz Matory was welcomed to the GOP tonight by self-appointed lady parts inquisitor Brian Griffiths,  whose powers of alienation are now legendary throughout Maryland.

Freshly minted Republican Liz Matoy in the 8th District is also unabashedly pro-abortion as well, going as far as urging people to stand with Planned Parenthood:

While the issue of abortion is frequently met with passion and fervor, rarely do politicians have as much personal connection as I do. I have held the hands of some of my dearest friends as they faced it: finding out they’re pregnant, wondering what they should do, making the choice, and living through the decision. These moments have affected me greatly, and I take to heart the pain and anxiety around all of it. It is because of these moments that I know how critical it is to keep the right to choice available to women in this country.

Nobody likes to talk about abortion, because nobody likes what it means; however, I believe that the solution is to work to reduce unintended pregnancy in the first place. Only by reducing the numbers of women who become pregnant without intention can we reduce the number of abortions in this great country. Planned Parenthood has been on the front lines of reproductive education and contraceptive distribution for exactly that reason for decades. Furthermore, because people are human, they will make different life choices. It is critical to keep abortion safe and legal, or the consequences for all involved could only get much much worse.
Matoy had been running as an independent “post-partisan” candidate until she switched her registration to Republican and filed as a Republican today. I’m more appalled at her pro-abortion stance as a fellow Catholic than I am as a conservative, but that is an issue between her and God and her and her confessor.

Hey, Brian? Her name is MatoRy. It’s not a very difficult name. Intentionally misspelling it is completely misogynistic (now that’s a harder word) behavior. Which you seem to be good at – first, you harangued Amie Hoeber for her views and now you’re going after Liz Matory for hers. You’re not so good with the women folk there, dude. Might want to work on that.

Brian Griffiths’ charming mating rituals aside, Liz Matory needs to realize that some pro-choice Republicans still do exist. She tried very hard to celebrate her first day with the GOP by pandering on the abortion issue. Griffiths has a tweet that he says Matory put out and then deleted. Bad move for a first day Republican.

  For all kinds of reasons, the quoted language is waaaaay better than the tweet. Be who you are, Liz. It always works out better that way. Final tip for Matory’s new GOP adventure: Liz, if you must pander, Brian Griffiths is not the guy you should genuflect to. Even his fellow Republicans don’t like him. Find somebody better. Hope to see you in the general. Love, Maryland Scramble.

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  1. Maxwell

    She insulted Blacks for liking Trump . They told me. She is a fake. Will jump for a pic with anyone who has a little clout. When Hogan did the things with sneaking the monuments ..there she is getting the pic..after citizens he ignored told him it was wrong…..


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